I hate competing on the Sabbath. It's just always been are really uncomfortable thing for me. I strongly feel Heavenly Father has blessed me with enormous amount of athletic ability and I feel like I'm slapping him in the face when I compete on that ONE DAY that should be structured and centered around him. It always reminds me of back when I did USA Track and Field and one of the other moms confronted my parents asking "do you think we worship God any less than you do just because we run on Sunday?" Its not that at all. I just have alwasy felt bad about it. So I try real hard to think of Him and read a conference talk or something out of the Friend. There is a branch here with about 20 people and a set of Elders. And two of the guys are LDS which is awesome - so perhaps I could have them bless and administer the sacrament to me...just a thought and I just don't want to miss out and I dont want Him to think I'm not grateful for everything I have. Because I am.

I believe if you tell Heavenly Father in your prayers what you are thinking and you express your gratefulness he will understand. By competing and being a role model I believe you are able to touch more lives than by being in the ward building on this past Sunday. If you have an opportunity to take the sacrament great then try and do that. Maybe you can arrange for the other members to particpate either in the morning or afternoon in the sacrament. But if not thinking and reading about him I believe will be enough in your circumstance. He knows what is in your heart.


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