Many things in life can be looked at as a disappointment. On the contrary, its how you react to life's happenings.

Two ladies in the gym this morning. One lady I always see every time. She comes in, does half stretches and then walks on the treadmill. Everyday, she would have the remote glued to her hand! I bring my headphons so I don't care what people watch.

But ...the TVs are broken. Not only did she ask everyone in the gym what was wrong, she checked the batteries and then proceeded to climb on the weight benches as a ladder to reach the tv. She kept messing with the tv trying to get it to work. One lady even told her that they are broken, but she wasnt giving up!

Anyways - after much fuss, the tvs never worked....since they ARE instead of working out - she left.
Cheryl Tollestrup
5/25/2010 07:41:34

Haven't you noticed everyone has their own kind of quirkiness! You, me, that lady at your gym...we are all creatures of habit. We all have set patterns we don't want to deviate from! Some people are always punctual, others always late, some hate to do dishes, some never leave home without make up,some only use the treadmill when the tv is working, and the list goes on. Different strokes for different folks!

6/1/2010 01:45:13

That's freakin' hilarious!


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