Practice Sled
When we were getting our sprints timed - apparently my times were right with the guys if not better. Its a lot tougher than you think....and the elevation isnt so bad - just the dryness.

But also as we continued onto the push track (dry land course) there was this guy that was a bobsled driver and he had been to this camp before. He asked if I wanted to be his brakeman. I jumped all over that puppy! It was really fun....but I think our form wasnt the greatest....I know I didnt feel very smooth.

But it was cool. I'm 82 points off of a perfect score as of today... and coach said not to worry about it because by the end of the week, he's seen people improve by 100 points. I know I will!!!

******Bragging Moment: a perfect score for the 60 meter sprint is 7.50 seconds and I ran it in 7.07 seconds!
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Cheryl Tollestrup
7/14/2010 19:01:15

Good Job!

Philip Aitken
7/15/2010 14:53:43

ur a beast!


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