I arrived in Lake Placid yesterday afternoon and we got to meet several of the other athletes here. It such an amazing facility with of course NOTHING but the TOP OF THE LINE STUFF. The allowed us time to adventure around a little bit since this is going to be our home for the next week and then we had dinner. After dinner we had a team meeting which was cool. We met the US coaches and other staff and specialty coaches. A good number of athletes are here for different reason. Some are current Olympians, others on the National. World, American Cup teams....some here for the Rookie Camp as I am, others here just for the Combine test - and then there is a camp for kids like 12-15 years old....not sure which sport. Another cool thing - not only is my dorm free, but also food and transportation!!! YES! (And it was free because you have to score over 600 points  and I did!)

They do everything up here, ice skating, ice hockey....notice the word "ICE" before each sport????? LOL The weather aint so bad - it was POURING NON STOP yesterday but today only in the morning when we were out at the track. Right now...the sun is out and its nice. The dorms house about 96 athletes and there are 1-3 people per room. Obviously not all rooms are being used, but its really cool. So....after the team meeting, I passed out because I new we would have the Combine Test first thing tomorrow morning and I was so drained from traveling and just being excited ;)

BE SURE TO CHECK OUT MY VIDEO "my olympic dorm room" for an ALL EXCLUSIVE view of where not only I'm resting my head at night, but also to see how Olympic Athletes house and this is also where most of the Olympians from previous have stayed.
The Main Entrance
Cheryl Tollestrup
08/26/2010 09:53

How exciting and fun! Can't wait to read your next blog!


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