I saw the doctor today for personal reasons.. I've had blood work done before because I gained a ton of weight (40 pounds) in a matter of months and have since struggled to get them off. So, one of the several tests that they did was for my hormone levels. Turns out a women should have like 6.7 whatevers of testosterone and I have 12. So I nearly have twice as much testosterone than a woman should. Which this explained my aggressiveness and extreme hair growth, but today I learned something new.

This higher level also explains why my fat camps out in certain areas. Doc explained that a woman's fat usually stores in their thighs, waist and abdomen. Men's fat is the back and lower abdomen....which is exactly where my stubborn fat is. Doc said it's very strange. We then shared a laugh - explains why I was good at sports, I have a natural steroid ....my Man Booster! haha!

I kinda feel like that flying horse Pegasus.....I am a woman, but my extra testosterone gives me wings! Like red bull! haha

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