This past weekend - I think we ate at least a pizza a day. We love pizza and usually have one or two per week...but it seems like this weekend ALL we wanted to eat was pizza.

Our favorite is Tombstone's Garlic Pepperoni and its like $3 in most places. If you are going to order out - Dominos Pizza has it made!!! Their seasoned yummy crust and whatever else they put into wonder they have those commercials and such about how they have improved. AND you can get like 2 Mediums for $5.99 each. My selection is bacon and pineapple (not ham) 
Cheryl Tollestrup
5/25/2010 14:33:50

I like Little Caesar Pizza or homemade pizza! I usually like my pizza with everything on it but the kids pick it all off so I rarely get it! Don't think I could eat it everyday! Once a week maybe!


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