Compared to Utah, there are tons more black people here. I love that. I love the diversity! But something that I really appreciate is people FINALLY noticing I'm not black. There is nothing wrong with being black, white, brown, purple, pink.....all is beautiful and FABULOUS! But I'm Fijian and I'm proud. I am not black. My entire life people always thought I was black  - I had the dark skin, nappy hair....and some junk in the trunk! haha.

But since we've been here - several people (black and white) have told me they know I'm not black. They said that my features are more exotic, I speak beautifully, my eyes are pure.....kinda random things like that. Either way, they just know I'm not black. Which is kinda cool cause I guess I'm finally starting to LOOK poly haha. People are so funny. Cracks me up.
Cheryl Tollestrup
6/17/2010 10:42:33

Remember when you were young and I got mad at you for saying your ancestors were slaves? I told you how little you knew about your ancestors!Fijians were never enslaved to any white people in fact your people ate them...they were cannibals! Correct me if I am wrong but I don't think I am! Haha!

6/19/2010 03:53:28

Oh - I remember that, but it was me and Lehi discussing slaves and we were debating if Fijians were slaves since they are the same color as Africans. Thats why you got mad. I use this a lot with the gospel because Fijians have always had the gospel too right?


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