Scott and I have not produced an offspring. Today it was just a random conversation.... we have a lot of changes and stuff going on in our lives and havent talked about reproducing for sometime. He is focused on his career and I mine. Unfortunately, my career includes a lot of physical activity which is not common if I were to get prego. If only Scott could get prego - that would solve our problems! So....yeah.  Other than our careers we want to travel and do so many things since it's just us. We are bestest friends and its fun to experience "Firsts" together.

So today's conversation was brought up because Scott's big 30 birthday is just around the corner. 30 is so old and men become more infertile the older they get. PLUS - I don't want the father of my children BREAKING HIS BACK when he's changing a diaper just because he is too old to be raising a child.

Here's the thing - people keep telling "you're still young, you have plenty of time....." Ok - But I'm not concerned with me...I'm concerned with Scott. Should I feel rushed and push my career dreams aside to focus on reproducing? I tried that once and it stressed me out so bad....I dont really want to go there again. There always is adopting.... ugh. What to do what to do. I guess with men - they are fairly fertile till about 40 which leaves me a good solid decade to decide. It's just weird cause if we produce an offspring when Scott's 40 - that will mean when we are sending the offspring to college....we are checking Scott into a Senior Living Facility hahaha. I aint wiping his old saggy butt! ha
Heather Tollestrup
6/25/2010 13:02:14

You still have about 40 years. I was watching 70 and pregnant yesterday, women using InVetro after menopause and having babies.. So you could even have kids after you are done with your career! Haha.. Just a thought. You still have PLENTY of time!


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