Finished messing with the song and blogging and facebooking and editing my site for the day.....last blog unless something hilariously happens before tomorrow morning.

Scott and I love 24 ( the tv series). We got netflix from his dad and are obsessed with watching tv series. We were told that if you love 24, you will really like Prison Break as well.....SO TRUE!!! We are on episode 16! Its our thing like every night to watch a couple....ok as much as we can until we pass out! Not very healthy, I know BUT SOOOOO fun!

So Prison Break - here I come!!!
05/12/2010 15:09

I am glad you have joined the blogging community! And I don't understand how anyone can work out in Jeans and a blouse. But are they changing out of those clothes into their work out attire? or do you actually see them wearing those clothes? That's gotta be uncomfortable!

05/12/2010 15:21

yeah - I absolutely love blogging. I feel like a loser tho cus other than Scott and my mommy - ur the first to view my site....that I know of. So THANK YOU!!! And these chicks work out IN those clothes....they do not change into something athletic. It boggles my mind!


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