This weekend, I bought a new shirt and it was $9.99. I never spend that much money on a shirt. I'm thrifty and know I can find something cuter for less. Call me cheap - and I'll call you wasteful so we'll all have nicknames.

When dressing myself, I'm super picky because I'm no salad eating twig that wears a small and a zero....no siree bob! I look for colors and shapes that compliment my figure. I wouldnt say I have an hour glass figure...unless your hour glass is deformed... I have more of a box shape. I'm very square.

I don't own very many NICE blouses and my wardrobe is catered to Utah weather. Long sleeves, thicker materials...etc. So I'm trying to develope more of a warm weather wardrobe. I'm trying to dress nicer but comfy nice. The end.

Cheryl Tollestrup
5/25/2010 14:40:15

So what colors and shapes flatter a box shaped body? Let me guess....bright yellow and green! Maybe a matching scarf or flower in your hair. High heels and maybe a cinch belt to give you that hour glass shape illusion! Haha!


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