Friday night, Scott and I had a date and went to see Robin Hood. It was a different twist on Robin Hood and I wasnt expecting it to be that good. I really liked the romance incorporated in the film. Another thing I enjoyed was that the characters I liked, didnt die.

I hate war sceens and frankly just tune them opinon is they last way too loud. And then the sound in the theater increases so not only is it crazy killing going on, but also massive music and sounds blarring.

I'm not one who stands in lines the night a film comes out - I do enjoy going to the theater like twice or so a month....any more than that has to be some kind of special occasion or for the movie SAW. Yes, it is a disgusting film...but I'm into that kind of stuff because of the anatomy displayed and the challenges he puts upon all who are in his game.
Cheryl Tollestrup

I liked Gladiator with Russel Crowe!


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