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Scott and I just returned from our dance lessons. We covered Rhumba, Swing and slightly touch over the basic TANGO! I want the tango and the rhumba....the swing is for Scott - I have no interest in it. I would like to do the Jive and the Hustle eventually - Rocco - our instructor showed 2 quick lifts with me. We didnt actually do them, he just explained the hand positioning and stuff. Then he pretty much said that Scott needs to bulk up. But I wonder if Scott should take that as he's weak or I'm just fat and heavy....hmm.

He is sooo much fun and tells it like it is which I LOVE! And he is AMAZING...I've never seen anyone move the way he does in real life. He is going to let me record him so I can have film to watch and I'll be sure to post the video(s) so you can see! Ugh - I wanna move like him! 

Anywho - we have private lessons every Wednesday nights and then Friday nights is a group class that varies on what kind of dances are taught - This week is the East Coast Swing and then everyone chills and parties for the 2-3 hours after the group class.
Cheryl Tollestrup
5/19/2010 14:12:07

Wonderful! I am going to make you a Dancing with the Stars fan yet! I am so happy you are learning the joy of dance and appreciating what a beautiful art form it really is! It is the athletes and performing artists who do well on the show! Don't let the word dance fool you! It is a sport and you must train like an athlete if you want to go far in style and technique. So I wouldn't feel bad if you feel dance challenged in the beginning! There is always room for improvement! I am happy you are trying new things and broadening your horizons! Good for you and Scott!


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