5/6 Rookies
With Team Trials about seven days away - things are getting pretty tense. Unfortunately just like any other sport, mind games are taking place, drama is spreading, tears are shedding and stress is increasing. Even for me, this is becoming overwhelming. Whats important right now is just staying focused and understanding what I need to do to improve.

A few race offs will take place which involve two drivers and two to three brakemen competing. The first driver will go with each brakeman, and then the second driver will go with each brakeman. They compare and contrast the times with all the drivers. Obviously if there is a brakeman that was the slowest with each driver, its most likely the brakeman. I may have a race off, I should know by the end of this week.

Notice it's still daylight outside? Well this is called our crash naps. Working out 7+ hours a day is exhausting and the veterans reccommend a nap sometime  during the day. Here are my two roomies napping ;) We work hard!

view of the ice from the start and you can also see the starting block at the bottom of the picture.

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