My ward (LDS) is delightful. They took my picture the first Sunday we attended. Wrong step #1. I understand they need to be able to "remember my face" .... but that shouldnt be hard since everyone else in our ward is either White or Asian.
Anywho - our Relief Society (Women of the Church) is a little too gung-ho about things. They have a committee for EVERYTHING. I'm surprised they dont have a committee for a Bathroom pass...or maybe they do and I just havent used it yet.

Joking aside....I moved here from Provo, Utah. THE CAPITAL of baby making, LDS single adults and newly weds. Our Nursery alone in my last ward was 70 kids. Not only was there pregnant women every season of the year, but these amazing women also held high callings in our ward. I share this because I received an email the other day from someone in my current Relief Society saying that the President of Relief Society is on "Maturnity Leave" and all questions/concerns should be forwarded to _______ until further notice. LEAVE? I thought this term was only used in a place of employment - but I guess not. So...if this is true, half of Provo should be on Maturnity Leave which leaves the men to take care of Nursery, Primary, Youth, etc. YIKES!

***Also - her pregnancy is not at risk, she was fine and so is the baby....they were home right after. I failed to mention - just so ppl know I'm not trying to be insensitive to the matter.

Just odd
Cheryl Tollestrup
05/19/2010 18:45

There is a committee that hands out bathroom passes but it is only for the Primary and you already graduated from Primary! As far as maternity leave I suspect your Relief Society President may have an at risk pregnancy or complications. I would not hold that against her. Always give people the benefit of the doubt since we are not privy to everyone's situation.

Cheryl Tollestrup
05/20/2010 05:45

Still you never really know the true nature of her circumstances! She could be susceptible to postpartum blues, have a chronic disease, marital problems, or simply overwhelmed with all her responsibilities! Just cut her some slack!


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