I had a massage appointment today. The lady I was to massage was from Russia but she has lived in Texas for the past 14 years. As we talked a little, she randomly said that I do my makeup like a white girl. I chuckled a bit thinking she was joking and told her that I've been told several times that I talk like a white girl. I proceeded to tell her that I don't wear much makeup. Supposedly this was a compliment.....So since I was complimented on my "white girl" makeup - I decided to not only post a picture of me today BUT also tell you how to create the 'white girl" look for yourself. Some prices and purchase location also listed for your convienience.

Face - Neutrogena DEEP CLEAN cream cleanser "Oil Free" $7 from Walmart (available at most stores in the Health and Beauty Department). NO Foundation, cover-up, etc

Eyes - Rub them very well upon awakening. Very SMALL dab of sparkle gray glitter eye shadow ($2 Wet n Wild) in the lateral corner. NO eye shadow, NO mascara

Lips: An hour prior to getting dressed, make and drink entirely all  1.25 Liters/5 Cups of  Gatorade's Frost Glacier Freeze - BLENDED into a slush. This gave my lips that nice blue tint. Then slap Vasoline on your lips to complete that glossy shine! Vasoline if your going big is about $4 for 13 ounces.

Black Shirt - Solid V-Neck Tee $5 from Papaya

Black Hair Accessory - Black Flower with center jewel headband $3 from Claires

Not Pictured:
Kahki scrubs with an elastic bottom and a waist tie in the front. Floor lenght and open cut on the side

Plain fitted ankle high socks

Nike Pegasus running shoes - blue and white

Cheryl Tollestrup

Are you sure that woman meant that as a compliment? I think it was an insult! White pigment uses a different color palette than darker pigment. Maybe she was hinting that the colors you were using would be more flattering on fairer skin tones? Just seemed like an odd comment!

Rebecca Mitchell

Are you sure she wasn't trying to sell you make up? Maybe she was an Avon rep?


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