Oh Scottie, bless his heart!

We have been apart for quite some time with my camp and now I'm down visiting my family in AZ. So....we communicate obviously via phone and internet. Last night I watched, for the first time in a LONG time So You Think You Can Dance and enjoyed it. My favorites are Robert and Kent - Lauren is a close third. Anywho - while I was watching, me and Scott were texting and he sent me the sweetest txt!!!

"I love looking at u no matter how u look because I am so in lub with u. U could have no left arm and have a big mole on your nose and it wouldn't matter. I lub you times infinity"

AWWW!!!!! and he also sent me a video which i posted on my "HOME VIDEOS" page!
Cheryl Tollestrup
7/22/2010 14:35:45

Talk about cheesy! Scott you keep that up and you may have a future writing fan fiction! Haha!


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