I have a month. Pretty much before I head out to Utahville. I am stoked, nervous, anxious....and now a little afraid. I decided to watch videos of bobsled crashes. I wanted to visually prepare myself for possibilities. I thought this would help get my mind in the correct frame that This DOES happen and I need to not ignore that fact. So ..... people die. People die from a lot of extreme sports. The thing that scares me most is that I am not going to be 100 PERCENT in control of what happens. I wont be driving, I didnt design the course and I'm not the sled or track so if something went wrong with those things....I could be toast!

There was always a comfort when running track because I was in complete control of my body while running. If there was a pot hole on the track, I could jump over it. If there is a broken hurdle, I go around....I mean, those are more controlled factors. I didnt depend on a sled, someone else driving and I certainly wasnt going as fast! Anywho - I know I am ready for this and I know I have prepared to the best of my ability so I'm not concerned about that. ......:Deep Breath.
Cheryl Tollestrup
6/4/2010 23:56:14

I think you will know right away if you have the nerves of steel for this sport. The 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver claimed the life of a 21 year old luger. He told his father he was afraid of the very fast and dangerous track just before tragedy struck! He lost control. flew off the track, and hit his head etremely hard. He died instantly.


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