Growing up - 7 out of the 10 people were guys in our home. Located in the bathroom is a toilet. A toilet has a huge opening where urine and feces are pushed out from the human body. The opening isnt a small one and frankly i've mastered the art of squatting while peeing. So I know literally that opening is big enough and if I as a FEMALE can aim inside the toilet while not even touching the toilet seat and facing away from the toilet (my back is obviously turned) - so can a guy. Or so I thought.
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It's really not rocket science. As a man, you are facing the toilet. The opening is bigger than the head on your shoulders...there really is NO excuse for peeing on the toilet. I just dont get it. And on top of that - I know for a fact all the guys I grew up with KNOW that you lift the seat when peeing. Why are we still having problems?

My dear Blog Family....this here is why I have mastered the art of Pee Squats. I should get a certificate!

Cheryl Tollestrup
7/30/2010 22:39:59

That's Gross!


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