Today I attended church with my fabulous brother-in-law Mike. He played the piano in sacrament which is impressive because he taught himself out in the mission field. This was his singles ward which took me back! I'm not like old or anything but it took me back to those dreadful dating days and the awkward glances and girls sit on one isle and boys on the other. Those stupid clicks that men have to work themselves up just to break through the women's circle to talk to one girl. 

I hated dating - absolutely hated it! But I enjoyed sacarment and its funny cause it's like Heavenly Father knows me or He totally hit the nail on the head with the messages that were shared today which was so fitting for me going into this next week. 2 Favorites - first was about trials in our lives and how turning towards Christ we can overcome. The second was about inviting the Holy Ghost into our lives and listening to the promptings we receive. Ugh - it was great!

I find it flattering when people think I'm 21 and single. It's crazy to think this is four years of marriage....makes me feel old too but I just think of how old Scott is and then I feel young again. hehe
Cheryl Tollestrup
07/12/2010 07:33

I like that you enjoyed church so much! Your comment about feeling young next to Scott was funny! It's like feeling skinny if you are always around a fat person or feeling smarter if you are next to a dumb person and feeling prettier next to an ugly person! It's all relative! Haha!


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