The last two weeks have been kinda chaotic! Last minute our family decided it would be in the best interest of bringing my younger sister BreeAnna to come live with us. So last weekend we packed up the car after Scott got off and drove 20hrs straight to Yuma, slept, picked up my sister and than drove 20hrs back. All this past week we were recovering from the drive...kind of under estimate how much a long road trip like that takes a toll on the body.

So Bree is here. Today starts week 2 and I hope to continue to see small victories that we saw last week. She by no means is an angel neither is she mistake-free...but then again, who is? Progress is the main focus and the piece of work she is, any progress is good. 
BreeAnna's outfit for Church....she did fix her hair BEFORE church 01.15.12

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