Just got back from a lovely Sunday walk with my baby Princess. What is with little dogs always wanting to challege her? Dont they know she'll kill them in one bite?

Its also funny that she is such a shade-a-holic! Any side of the sidewalk where there is shade...she moves to that side. And she walks super fast when we are in the sun, but once we go under a tunnel or something....she slows down big time. so silly
Cheryl Tollestrup
5/30/2010 20:19:32

I think your dog walks fast in the sun because the ground is burning her feet! Maybe she needs dog shoes? Haha!

8/6/2010 17:04:58

So funny, my Boston Terrier is the worst for going after the big dogs. Lucky she's got me to protect her or she would have been somebody's lunch long ago... lol


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