Flying out of Dallas we stopped in El Paso and then continued to Phoenix where I then swtiched planes up to Salt Lake. I love flying and wish I traveled more....but flying Southwest changes people. It begins with the seating. There are no assign seats so everyone piles on like a herd of cattle and of course no one wants to take the middle seats. When I entered the plane, the only seats available were the middle ones. As I walked from the front to the back - I was looking for two smaller people so I wouldnt be sandwiched. No success. I ended up between these two big girls one who was fairly larger and overflowing into my seat. As I squeezed my butt into the area provided I knew this flight was not going to be comfy. Throughout the flight I had a cramped neck since it was awkward to look either way, sore arms since I had to tense my arms to avoid mine from touching their sweaty arms (A/C wasnt working too well), and my sore legs cause from keeping my knees together cus let's be honest.....I had limited space!

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