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It seems like anything I'm struggling with always multiplies in front of me. Like if I am struggling with dogs, every where I turn there are more and more dogs, EVERYWHERE! (just an example)  I understand perfectly that we all go through challenges in life but right now I feel like someone is continually kicking me when I'm already down. And not just that, they are removing all my clothes, pooring hot oil all over me then taking a rake to my thighs. 

Another thing - how come anytime things start going good, my concrete is laid and then a huge rain storm comes in and washes my hard work away. It seriously is like 2 steps foward and 9.475,638 steps back. I'm always fighting the current! I'm seriously lost out at sea with no flippers, no goggles and no idea where the heck direction I should start heading.
Cheryl Tollestrup

My goodness! What happened? You are not normally a nay sayer! Someone ticked you off?


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