I'm not much of a chef. I can make rice...from a rice pot, I have my own style of ramen and I just found out that if you follow the directions on the back of the Macaroni and Cheese box, it tastes better.

My mommy got us a blender and I normally use it for shakes. Tonite Scott came up with a brilliant idea to make slushes!

Like 100 years ago he bought this nasty fruit punch gatorade mix that makes 6 gallons. First of all, I hate fruit punch flavor. Second....WHY 6 GALLONS WORTH??? It's just the two of us!?!?!?! For the record, I gave this fruit punch a chance because I didnt want to see it go to waste and it taste like tomato juice. YUCK!

So he decided to try this wonderful, plentiful mix that we have and make these slushes. No objection from the JennaBree party. OH MY HECK did it come out deliciously!!! I absolutely love it! With about 6 equal gallons of sugar it tastes better than a slurpee from 7/11
Cheryl Tollestrup
5/13/2010 13:49:30

So what was the recipe? I'm guessing gatorade powder, water, and ice! Was there more to it? Why 6 gallons worth of gatorade mix? Food storage, silly!

5/13/2010 14:24:38

Well, I didnt watch but that sounds about right....and then my added touch of sugar!

Food storage? If I was stranded in the middle of no where or if the world came to an end - I'd just stick to water. I wanted that yuckie stuff outta my house. eww eww eww!


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