life is NOT fair. Scott has lost between 7-10 pounds already and nearly dropped 3-4 pant sizes! He works out 99% less than me and eats fast food 3-4 times a week!

Me on the other hand ....I've lost a good 4 pounds and then.....FLUCTUATE! oh this is soooo not fair!

I'm not normally someone who steps on the scale every time she walks in the bathroom. BUT what I'm training for, you have to be a certain weight group and I am NOT there....yet. I only have 2 more months (64 days to be exact) to lose about 10 more pounds. It doesnt matter that I look like I've lost more than 4 pounds....ITS ALL ABOUT what the scale says!

Cheryl Tollestrup

No, life is not fair! Get use to it! Haha! Sounds like something your father would say!


Jen I still think you look good after all these years!♥


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