Last week we successfully experience our first close encounter with a tornado. It was a E3 which is a decent size...from what I hear. It was pretty scary and reminded me of typhoon season back in the islands. The Thunder shook the house, lightning light up the room, rain, golf ball sized hail and super strong winds. Luckily for us, no damage or injuries occurred. Scott and his employees had to hide out in a stairwell for a little over an hour and I camped out in our master bath for about 2 hours - stuffed myself with pillows and blankets. 

Three weeks ago I began a tomato plant that Jan helped us start one night for FHE. Every plant I have ever owned is no longer with us. So I decided I was going to dedicate myself to ensuring the safety of this tomato plant. I name him Elmer. Mid-tornado I realized I had left Elmer out in the storm all alone. I quickly left my tub and ran to the balcony. Just as I was about to open the door, BOOM! Thunder. I thought to myself..."Is Elmer really worth it". And then without hesitation opened that door, ran out, grabbed Elmer and ran back in. Untouched. Elmer was safe. I went back to the tub to hide and listened to the radio for when I could come out. I later told Scott that I saved Elmer from the storm and he quickly scolded me to NEVER go outside in a tornado to save a stupid plant. 
04/16/2012 23:16

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