I left  house at 3:45 am Wednesday morning to head to the airport and be off on my way to Lake Placid, NY. I love to travel so I get super excited and it takes me forever to pack because I always feel like I am going to forget something. My flight departed at 6 am and  arrived in Chicago at 8 am. I had a layover in Chicago and then would continue on to Albany at 11 am and arrive in Albany around 2 pm. There was a huge lightning storm and so they told us everything is shut down due to safetly precautions. Our plane was delayed about 30 minutes for that. We load the plane and next thing I know we were informed out plane was just struck my lightning. So they said it would be an hour so they could get the plane up and running. Never happened. Not only that but they didnt have another plan "readily available" so we all got to just find our own ways to get to Albany.

There were three more flights out to Albany for the day (2pm, 4pm and 7pm) and I could try standby on the first two and on the third I actually confirmed a seat. And of course it was a different gate completely on the other side of the airport so I headed off to see if I could get on the 2pm flight. Nope, not even close. So I found out where the 4pm flight was and headed to that gate 3 seats were available and so they said I could and printed me a boarding pass. I was super stoked because at this point I have been sitting at the airport for 8 hours. I walk out to the plane, show them my pass and get on. We are backing out and one of the clerks comes running out waving and so the pilot stops the plane and opens the door (it was a smaller plane, the kind you just walk up the stairs into). Next thing I know the flight attendant is walking back towards me and looking right at me. She said that I had to get off because that person showed up. They had to give her my seat because she was one of those airline miles users or whatever. So she has dibs. I grabbed my bags and was escorted back up to the gate. boo.

So since that was totally messed up, the clerk lady printed me a food voucher. Luckily for them I'm on a diet otherwise I would of demanded $100 food voucher. The next and last flight of the night was 7:30 and there I was once again walking to another gate in a completely different concourse. I did grab something to eat. As I continued on my journey I heard some lunatic yelling "that lady has my bag!" curious of course I turned around. He was pointing at me!!! What the heck? I stopped in my tracks with my eyes wide open as he stomped towards me. He said, I stole his bag and he wants it back. I told him he was mistaken and that this is my bag. He went balistic which attracted not only a small crowd but also airport security. They asked us to follow them so we could get this figured out. As we walked into this room I kept thinking....is this a joke? Am I getting pranked? The security/cops proceeded to ask me questions like if this bag has been in my site the entire time, if theres a possibility I could be mistaken....Then they pulled footage from the airport security of this lunatic going through to confirm he even brought a bag beyond that point. And sure enough we had the same backpack. After the footage they asked me to describe what is in my bag and if I knew where. Of course I did and after they confirmed they let me go. Cops and security apologized, but that lunatic never did. The lunatic had to stay obviously because now there is a lost bag somewhere in the airport and very suspicious. I continued towards my gate.

With 2 hours to spare, I decided to just relax so I sprawled out over a bench. A little later I heard Tollestrup over the intercom and so I headed to my gate. The flight leaving right before us was going to Vancouver, BC but I didnt realize that at first. So I get up to the counter and tell them my name and see if it is FOR SURE that I'll be on this flight. Of course they only looked up Tollestrups for THAT PARTICULAR flight. What do you know, there was another Tollestrup. The clerk saw that it was a man's name though and as she looked at me and looked back at her monitor I could tell something was wrong. She then said, "what's you're first name" and right as I opened my mouth to respond a gentleman comes up and says, I'm _______ Tollestrup. I was so confused. I looked up and sure enough that flight was going to Canada. So not only was it the wrong flight, but I was the wrong Tollestrup - which is super rare because I've never physically ran into another Tollestrup. How crazy! We briefly chatted but couldnt piece together any similar relatives.

I did make the 7:30 flight and arrived safetly in Albany and now safe in Lake Placid.

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