As a woman, we have several choices on what types of underwear we can or cant wear.

There is what some may call the granny pantie - gives that full coverage support, no strong elasticity - primo comfort! Not ideally worn with spandex

The boy shorts - teenage like, thicker material and usually has something like "juicy" or "all star" stiched on it.

The thong - shows no pantie line through clothes...sometimes, but somehow makes its way to the outside world when someone bends over.

Bikini - an altered and more modern granny pantie. does comfort and support but you get that sexy feeling with the thinner side strings

And then there is always the option to go comando. We just all pray its not a windy day if you're attire is a short spring dress!
Cheryl Tollestrup

The funny thing about the expression "Going Commando" is that it is based on actual wartime practices! In the military it is actually more trouble to maintain clean underwear than to do without! In the hot humid jungles men can get a fungus rash in their crotch area because of poor air circulation and moisture. We are not on the battlefields in the hot humid jungles! Therefore we have no reason to "Go Commando" unless you're just kinky like that!


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