Well, this entire camp is centered around a test called the Combine Test. For Women's Bobsled you are tested in the following:

15 meter sprint
30 meter sprint
30 meter fly
45 meter sprint
Broad Jump
Shot Toss

There used to be more, but they are in the process of revamping the test to be more along the lines of what they need. In addition - they also look at your dryland push of the sled. Each test has a minimum (0 points) and a maximum (100 points) amout of points per how fast you ran, how far you jumped, what you threw and weight lifting. The Max available for a someone trying out for Women's Bobsled is 800 points since there are 8 events. In order to even be considered (so to speak) you need to score 600 points which is at least 75 points per event. I did fairly well - wasnt pleased with my broad jump. I know that I'm gunna hit it hard back at home because there are so many things I realized I need to improve on. And just a lil FYI: I did score above 600 points ;) Just awaiting a phone call now for my next step.

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