My husband Scott. Oh man is he hilarious! He is not only the more reliable, responsible, predictable and practical one in the relationship....he's also the mushy gushy one. I just told him to get a blow up doll, color her brown with sharpies (since u know they rarely make brown dolls) place it on my side of the bed to cuddle to when he gets lonely. I doubt he will.

He said that laying in our bed its so quiet and now he is starting to hear things he never noticed before. Like he hears every time someone enters our complex, birds, people swimming etc. He said it's so quiet there without me and reminds him when he came back from his mission. Going from New York or Utah was like crazy loud and busy to small town and slow....where once again he began to hear things.

lol too funny
Cheryl Tollestrup
7/14/2010 00:42:12

I wouldn't know about blow up dolls, but maybe Scott could hug a really long pillow with a brown pillowcase! Lol! As for the noise, I like to keep the tv on for white noise that helps you tune out the other noise! Haha!


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