I just got back from the gym....always an interesting experience ESPECIALLY in the morning. I normally hit the "work out then off to work" or "housewives" group in the morning. I am a house wife....if thats what you want to call it....I'm in denial though.

Anyways - The early birds are mainly men and then as they filter out to get ready for work and such, the women come in. As I am doing my workout....these ladies are coming in dressed in every day attire. Like....pants, dresses, nice blouses.....what is going on? My morning blog is simply this - WHY ARE YOU LADIES SHOWING UP AT THE GYM NOT DRESSED APPROPRIATELY????

However.....I am partial to the spandex because thats what I wear. I don't like my clothes baggy especially when I'm all sweaty. Plus it more aerodynamic. Not to mention I hate wearing lose shorts because if you bend over or on the ground stretching, doing abs, etc.....people can see up your shorts. And if you're just gunna wear spandex beneath those loose shorts....LOSE THE SHORTS! why wear more clothes than necessary?  I understand not everyone is comfortable in spandex. Neither am I. AND THERE IS A REASON THEY INVENTED SPORTS BRAS! Ok....now back to my purpose.....

Please do not come to the gym with jeans or a dress or NON-workout attire.

Sweat pants
athletic shorts
tank tops

Any questions?

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