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I've never been that flexible and because of it - have extremely tight muscles. It takes me awhile to warm up too.

So I decided to try this Yoga video thing on my netflix. Not successful. They do all sorts of positions the human body should not be allowed to do. I was trying to tweek and twist my body ...I felt like I was going to break something trying to bend in those position. And not only do the positions have names like "Dove", but  if you're EVER successful in achieving the position - you then have to hold it!

I do see the benefits, but it's not for me....I think I'll stick to just continually stretching. Perhaps one day when every bone in my body is broken - I will bend like them. come the ladies in the videos never sweat and always smile. NOBODY I know smiles for 30 minutes straight when working out!!! Well at least I dont. Tomorrow - I attempt Pilates.
Cheryl Tollestrup
5/19/2010 23:31:31

Maybe yoga isn't your thing I will give you that. But there are many positions in yoga you could do very well! You really haven't given it the old college try! There's the cat position where you are on all fours and you curve your back to the ceiling. Then you drop your stomach toward the floor and that is called the cat cow position. You get a very good stretch in your spine and if you breathe properly, it is very relaxing! You are quick to judge without giving it a little more effort. First you have to master the simple poses and as you get better you can practice more difficult poses! With the right attitude and a little patience I think you would love yoga. Don't knock the constant smiling of your instructor! I would rather see smiling than frowning! Haha!


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