So I've been searching for a diet/workout plan that will actually help.  I started with the basics two weeks ago and I am seeing improvement - imagine that! Despite my background I actually hate working out. I really don't see the love for lifting heavy objects and doing repetitious running drills.  Worst part is prying myself away from other things Id much rather like to be doing to go workout. Healthy eating.... that's a whole other story. I love spam, pasta, sugar... excess sugar, bread, cheese.... shall I go on? Basically if it's bad for you - I'll eat it. I previously tried the Omnitrition plan and lost about 12lbs in just over a month. Not bad. So I've decided to give it a try again this month. I'm on day 4. I think the hardest part for me is seeing the hubster eat all the stuff I'd like to eat. The other part I struggle with is remembering to wait and take the drops then wait and then eat. Watching the clock was never my strong point. Anyways.... last time I weighed myseld every morning but this time I'm going to weigh in once a week. I'm in this for the long haul so I don't need the scale messing with my head.  Wish me luck!
I am a huge bargain hunter. I thrive on finding something for AT MOST less than 50% off. Yesterday we went out thrift shopping at four of my favorites. I got a Neiman Marcus bag for $3.99, two PS3 games for $1.49/each, new Ralph Lauren bathing suit for $3.99, swim trunks for Scott for $2.99, bracelet for $0.99,  beach chairs for $3.99, three swimsuits for the bug for $1.99/eacg and cute flats for $4... to name a few! Love it! If you are ever in the area the best shops other than you common Goodwill and Salvation Army are any ReSale Store - they have one in every city. Three of them are within a 5-7 min drive from my front door!!!
April 22, 2006 my Dad passed away. Every year I find it's not so much I'm "used to it" but more that I have come to accept it. I was pretty much the staple for a Daddy's girl and now that I have my own little baby girl, I can't help but think about how she too will be a Daddy's girl. It's such a tender bond. As much as I miss my Daddy I know we'll be together again.
Today is my first ever Texas Ranger's game! My brother and his family are in town for most of this month as they spend time with his wife's family before the continue on to Hawaii. Today is also rugby practice so I'm only going to an hour of that then I'll zip over and meet up with the rest of them. I'm not the biggest fan of baseball, but I am excited to spend time with family and get out. I know Scott is excited and he already has his Rangers tshirt picked out. He bought this cute onesie for the bug even though it doesn't say anything Texas on it. He fell in love with the baseball on the butt. Now just debating on which headband will go best... thin black, thick red or thick black with white her bottoms I made her white leggings out of nylons. Too cute! Should be fun!
So it's been months since I've blogged so I decided to start fresh. Sometimes wish life had a reverse or a do-over button... but it doesn't. I'm revamping my site because I decided to start doing massages again but not too many a week. I'm thinking 3-4 a week which is nice. The bug is now six months so I feel like I can adventure out more and not be scared for her life. Well that's all for now - it's nap time and I can't miss out on an opportunity to clean my toilets!